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All about Raphaella

I am interested in documentary filmmaking and its role in historical preservation. Using film as a medium to tell personal stories and paint experiences in depth fascinate me. I believe that video as an art can be used to inspire, evoke emotion, and spread messages in an accessible manner. Moreover, archiving footage to maintain records of otherwise lost narratives is important for validating stories. The rich possibilities in filmmaking allow for these accounts to not only be seen and heard, but to be relived and reimagined to great accuracy.

As a student, I have previous experience in filming technical process videos and promotional material for projects. These forms of storytelling were different, as they served to market a designer’s piece, usually focusing on a product’s highlights. With this project, I would like to challenge myself in creating something truly personal, as well as artistic. I aim to make my audience feel my lived experience through this pandemic in an honest, thoughtful, and self-directed film which I hope many can relate to.

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